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 Personal Info
 Nickname: Stexx
 Real Name: Stefan L (male)
 Age: 06.12.1994 (23 years)
 Location: Heidelberg Germany
 Usertitle: Edelmann
 Homepage: n/a
 Clan: Drive Boys DB n/a HP
 Clan-History: n/a
 Registered since: 14.09.2009 - 17:48
 Last Login: 05.09.2013 - 23:00
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 Clan / Equipment
 CPU: AMD Athlon ll X4 620
 Mainboard: n/a
 Monitor: XEROX
 Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
 Soundcard: High Definition
 I-Connection: Arcor WLan
 Keyboard: MS-Tech Standart
 Mouse: Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical USB
 Mousepad: WTC Hintergrund

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Optimus wrote:

War ja klar das der RSD-Forumtroller Nummer 1 auch was sagen muss.
FocuZ wrote:

Ihr seid so behindert, ohne Spaß.

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